88-Year-Old Donates Skin For Medical Research

88-Year-Old Donates Skin For Medical Research


From Shirley Wadi at Agashi, Virar, an 88-year-old man, Bavtis Lopes, has left behind an impression after his demise.

Due to age-concerned problems, Lopes succumbed on Saturday. However, according to the report by Hindustan Times, his two sons, contacted the National Burn Centre at Airoli, to donate their father’s skin.

Based on the account, in 2016, Lopes had vowed to donate his organs for medical study to the Federation of Organ and Body Donation. Driven by this noteworthy step taken by him, 80 of his family members trod in his footsteps and decided to follow in the suit of pledging their organs.

Purshottam Pawar, president of the federation, according to the report spoke about Lopes’s desire to donate his organs along with his family’s, some of whom are abroad. He added that in 2016, they all pledged their organs online. Elias, a 65-year-old man who was Lopes’s son lost his life to cancer in 2018, thus the federation could only get his eyes since cancer patient’s organs cannot be donated, he said. Pawar also mentioned that eyes, heart, intestine, kidneys, lungs, liver, pancreas, and skin, can be donated by those who die naturally.

Pawar cited that they could only get Lopes’s skin owing to the pandemic, and since he was over 80 years, they couldn’t use his eyes. In addition to this, only those who are healthy can donate their bones and bone marrow, he mentioned.

He elaborated on how the federation is connecting with villages in Palghar, Vasai-Virar and other regions in Maharashtra, to encourage people to pledge their organs, tissues or other parts of the body for medical research in educational institutions.

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